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Guatemala has something for everyone, if culture is what you crave, there's no better place. From Markets held beneath towering volcanoes to ancient temples tucked into the jungle, the culture of Guatemala resonates through the ages. Travel time by bus are very reasonable, so you can see a descent portion of the country even in a short amount of time.

What to bring

Many traveller has fallen into the hot and sunny frame of mind when preparing for their trip, when in fact, the country can be downright cold. You'll want at least a sweater flashlight light jacket to keep out the chill of the highland evenings and a pair of fairly warm pants, something like to denim will prove comfortable. If you are visiting during the rainy season or plan to spend time in the mountains, bring a heavier jacket - fleece works particularly well here and dress in layers.

On the topic of shorts, tank tops and other hot weather wear, bring a change or two and leave it at that - you won't need more. If you're heading to the hot jungle region of Peten and Las Verapaces, long, light clothing is preferable to anything that exposes your skin to sun and insects. In the region always wear a hat, sunglasses and sun block cream.

Visitors going to Guatemala during the rainy season should bring a heavy blanket or similar rain gear and have a strategy for keeping their pack dry: Buy or fashion a pack cover, carry an umbrella, line the inside with plastic bags or get a heavy blanket big enough to cover you and your pack. As for shoes, you'll want something water resistant if it`s the rainy season.

Following is a list of items you should consider including in your medical kit. Consult your pharmacist for brands aviable in your country.

Aspirin or paracetamol - (acetaminophen)
Antihistamine - for allergies, eg. High fever; to ease the itch from insect bites of stings.
Cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant
Loperamide or riphenoxulate blockers for diarrhea
Prochlorperazane or metaclopramine for nausea and vomiting.
Rehydratation Mixture
Insect Repellent, sunscreen, lip balm and eye drops.
Calime lotion, sting relief spray or aloe vera.
Anti fungal cream or powder
Antiseptic (such as pivodone -iodone) for cuts and grazes.
Bandages. Band aids and other wound dressings
Water purification tablets or iodine
Scissors, tweezers and thermometer
Sterile kit.
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Women Travelers

Women should encounter so special problems travelling in Guatemala. In fact alone traveller women will be pleasantly surprised by how gracious and helpful most locals are. The primary thing you can do to make it easy for yourself while travelling here is to dress modestly. Most Guatemalan women do. Modesty in dress is highly regarded, and if you practice it you usually be treated with respect.

Passport and Visas

To be permitted entry into Guatemala, your passport must be valid for three months beyond your intended day. If your passport is that near the expiration date, replace it. If the opportunity of desire to stay on arises during your travels, you don't want to be caught short with an expired passport.
Most travellers can enter Guatemala without a visa, If you need a visa and arrive at the border without one, however you will be turned back; if you're flying into Guatemala, you probably won't be allowed to board the plane without having the visa you need for entry. Anyway you can get a 90 days tourist card.

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